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Revolutionizing Search and Recommendations

In the world of Artificial Intelligence, recommendations are becoming increasingly inexplicit, one-sided, and reliant on user history.

At Mycelebs, we believe that AI should adhere to unique preferences and contexts from individual users. Our solution is to search and recommend content by breaking down speech into informational key phrases called Keytalks: an AI-powered recommendation unit that is aware of user context.


Keytalk is a proprietary search and exploration system that breaks down language into preferences and contexts using AI. It’s a specialized tool that provides responsive content by recognizing domain-specialized phrases based on public data, such as reviews and images. Keytalk system paves the way towards distinctive and diverse AI solutions for our customers in searching for products by directly exploring the preferences of other users.


MATS (Mycelebs AI Transformation Suite) is an integrated solution platform that delivers seamless AI transformation to client companies through automatic data management, model implementation, visualization, and real-time updates.

Notable Recognitions


AWS global selected Mycelebs as the global best case for machine-learning solution on July 2019. Mycelebs was the first South Korean company to be introduced on AWS global.

AWS endorsed our core strengths as follows.
  1. 1 Robust voice user experience(VUX)

    Innovative ML-based voice recognition system based on semantic and relational analysis of natural languages in reviews offer state-of-the-art recognition rates even against inarticulate and unstructured sentences.

  2. 2Context-aware recommendations

    Travel options are recommended based on up-to-date semantic analysis, liberating connected consumption from metadata to incorporate people’s opinions and tendencies. End-users are able to plan using ambiguous search terms such as Christmas or silent travels.

  3. 3Service Automation(Operational excellence)

    Automatized process and updates significantly lower operational expense, pushing fares and costs down even further.

Mycelebs-AWS Partnership

Mycelebs joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) as an ‘advanced technology partner’ in 2020. The AWS Partner Network is a global partner program with thousands of partners, including over 90% of Fortune top 100 firms and almost all Fortune top 500 companies. For the APN program, AWS only selects the partners who meet a predefined criteria. By being selected as the top tier ‘advanced partner’ for technology, Mycelebs proves not only our technological expertise, but also a clear and proven marketable product and the support and recommendation of top venture capital firms. Mycelebs will further focus on developing core technologies, drastically reducing time to market, and expanding customer requirements by utilizing AWS services. The technical and business partnership between Mycelebs and AWS is expected to provide more innovative services and more value to our customers.

Amazon(AWS) selects MyCelebs' as the global best case

Mycelebs Builds ML Solution with Amazon SageMaker to Provide…


Redefining movie recommendation and search experience through AI KeyTalks

Sephora beauty assistant with AI-powered personalized recommendations


Mycelebs has 20 registered patents and 100 pending patents with practical business applicability, with the goal to create an AI version of the keyword search ad system by Overture. Our unique technology is geared towards making a profitable version of Wikipedia through Live-updated AI Content (LUAC).

Business Model

Mycelebs business model operates on four pillars based on service automation enabled through the Mycelebs AI Transformation Suite: SaaS, Affiliate, B2C, and Subscription.


Live- Updated AI Content

Automatic webpage production and administration through Service Automation

  • Provides AI search and
    recommendations for global top 3 messenger group

  • Provides voice search based duty-free shopping for Asia's top 3 duty-free companies

Affiliate (API Business)
  • Taste-based travel portal in affiliation with

  • Sephora AI beauty assistant that helps you find your personal beauty taste

B2C Service
  • Taste based AI movie search and recommendation platform

  • Real-time trend-based AI celebrity portal

  • Movie information analysis service based on big data

Going Forward

Our MATS solution centered around Keytalk is well prepared for other applications, such as Infoticon and AI chatbot. The system will continue to develop and exercise influence over IoT home appliance and voice search systems.

  • Credit history
  • Travel history
  • Cell phone data
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • Blogger
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Inventory
  • CRM
  • Financials
  • Web Feeds
  • Forum
  • Text Documents
Mycelebs AI- Transformation Suit
Semantic Expansion
  • Semantic search
  • Live Portal
  • Data Commerce
  • Digital OOH
  • Keytalk Search
  • Information
  • Bot Messanger
  • Live Dashboard
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